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Funked-up party music, old school rock 'n' roll flair, blissed-out daydreams, and some cranked up guitars help you bid goodbye to March.

Plus, Mitski and Lorde are similar musically in a lot of ways, they both write wise, potent songs about love and loss that live on in your heart for weeks and months after you hear them. That shared quality alone will probably win any Lorde fan over for Mitski. And Lorde is not a pop star known for elaborate stage setups or her choreography, so even though Mitski’s live show is fairly tame, fans of both artists are in it for the music and the lyrics, for a chance to get close to these monumental writers, who both often share personal, intimate stories that accompany the songs from the stage.

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Majical Cloudz wasmusic and performance. Rooted in solo material written by Devon Welsh between rural Ontario and Montreal, he joined with Matthew Otto in February 2012 to collaboratively produce and perform the music. Their performance was deeply expressive — strong vocals sat on top of washes of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds. The songs were intensely lyrical, oriented around themes of death, patience, family, and desire. The live show celebrated the joy in sadness and the value of a… read more

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